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Hiroko went to New York apr 4 2009

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Posted: Tue Apr 07, 2009 2:00 am Reply with quote
Magical Speaker
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Us in a long time.

Our manager was recently updated and skip. 。 . 。 .

I'm sorry (≧ ≦)

付ITARA I have not updated from day 19.

I cop to the operator P (TдT)

Yesterday, hiroko has gone to the United States!

自由の女神New York☆☆
Statue of Liberty New York ☆ ☆

Is traveling.

Why do not you call the daytime, NY is full and I sleep at night.

I want to come back safely and full of variety can absorb.

オバマ“Yes!We Can!!”Tシャツお土産に買ってきてくれーーー!
Obama "Yes! We Can!!" T - I get a souvenir shirt! ! ! ! !

Yesterday, the 2009 World Table Tennis players have been conducting a press conference in Japan ~ ♪

We will play our first meeting and had a lot of press and her nervous.

New "Switch" a surge in the game, I would like to help us together to be the goddess of victory and failure of the players you feel!
『GWは卓球だっ☆』 The GW is DAっ☆'s Table Tennis

では皆様、桜満開ステキな週末を~( ´ー`)ノ~
Everyone, the cherry blossoms a wonderful weekend ~ ( '- `)ノ~

※またまた新曲レコーディング中。 ※
while also recording new songs.

F in the deposit's engineer "for bean dissembler" He will have to buy something.

It fits in hirokoヾ( 'ε `*)ゝ

(hehe effort...)


One post per day will sure make me reach Love Sick XD
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