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Post your album and singles reviews here!! MIHIMALOGY review

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Posted: Mon Mar 08, 2010 1:10 pm Reply with quote
So Merry Christmas
So Merry Christmas Joined: 20 Jun 2008 Posts: 60 Location: Madrid Spain
After getting this jewel that is mihimalogy, im writting my particular review or critic or as you want to name it :D of the album… here it goes!.

General comments: The album starts very strong with Theme of mihimalive 3 and Unlock then, it turns to a funny and fresh style with 777 then it turns again to a ballad style with shiawase ni narou and sayonara wa iwanakatta. As songs pass after very creative songs like Signal and S.k.u.n.k. and finishing with the electropop style Switch, the album introduces the second half with Love Letter (their last single) with another group of balanced songs as Torokechau dandy giving the rythmic and fresh part and naki natsu and michishirube giving the ROMANTIKKU way, then, the interlude(or near the postlude xD) with kosaka daimaou and the last song but not the less important Dosu koi with Daimaou again maybe a good ending of the album giving the crazy touch to it xD.

1-Theme of mihimalive 3: Very smooth, smart, nice cover and a nice introducing speech and perfect to start their concerts. I always loved those themes. Mark 7/10

2-Unlock: Well, when they released the single i was very gladly to listen at this piece because it had lot of strength as a hip-poprock style so im glad again because they included on mihimalogy. Bass + guitar sounds are very nice, and hiroko gives the best part in the chorus. Mark 9/10

3-777 feat. ET-King: Very funny song specially when they hiroko says "IEEEE" (cute!! minute 3:33) xD nice instrumentation but not one of the best of the songs of the album so Mark: 6.5/10

4-Shiawase ni Narou: What can I say of this piece? Almost most of us love this song!. Hiroko´s voice sounds so amazing and it transmits so much feelings when I listen to it.
Miyake´s little rap part is very good too and well I sometimes cried listening to this song :D. Mark 9,5/10

5-Sayonara wa Iwanakatta: When I listened this song I was very gladly with Mitsunaga Ryota´s voice. His voice fits very good with hiroko´s voice and mikkun´s rap. It could be a pop song but the most I listen to the most I think its more rap style song (because of the cover and the structure saving of course that is very Japanese style and creative rap with those beautiful violins and electropiano sounds). Mark: 8

6-SIGNAL: Incredible song (at least for me) it reminds me to some southenr style american rap (some hiphop perfmormers like outkast use this type of music). With of course the strong influence of mihimastyle :D creative, fresh, I love the chorus and the combination of voices and hiroko gives all her heart and effort to perform (I have to say) incredible and magnificent piece. I have to emphasize the mixing work and DJ work here. Mark 8.5

7- S.K.U.N.K.: I don’t like so much ska style music but im very very happy to this creation of mihimaru gt and im getting in love the more I listen to this xD. It is a funny song and I hope they could experiment more styles of music!!! Mark 7,5

8- Switch: Lot of electronic sound here!!! Mihimaru gt label with mixing electronic and their hippop style. Cool song and the violin hits in Switcho switcho ahaha part give the song lot of strength. Mark 8,3

9- Love Letter: I have noticed that mihimaru gt is using lots of piano and violin sounds in their latest songs and I feel very happy because those 2 instruments are my 2 favourite ones :D. Love letter smells like older mihimaballads it reminds me a lot of itsumademo hibiku kono melody (one of my favourite songs of the duet) and a little of diverge. Again here miyake raps veery good and it fits very nice with hiroko´s majestic voice. Mark 8.8

10- Torokechau Dandy: One of the songs that could like a regular westerner listener that loves mainstream pop. I enjoy a lot everytime I listen to this song and it transmits me happiness and euphoria!!xD. The best for me: metal drums that is a heritance of latin caribean music and that demonstrate the wide range of music knowledge of mihimaru gt composers. Mark 8.4

11- Naki Natsu: I don’t know why this song doesn’t like my so much. I like voice side of the song but I don’t feel very good with instrumental part because it doesn’t have any originality, it’s a very easy composition I could compose this in 10 minutes and im not trying to be tough but that’s what I think. Anyway the performers Hiroko and Soffet are very nice. Maybe a unplugged version with only piano and guitar would be awesome!! This song is simple and making it more simple would be great!. Mark 7,9

12- Michishirube: The worst part of the song is the title xD because there are lots and lots of songs in the japanese musical outlook called Michishirube hehe. Anyway the song is simpy LOVELY, mikkun and hiroko-chan make this song just incredible to listen , it’s a song that only can be sang by MIHIMARU GT. Im totally in love with this song and I think its one of the best of the album even though I didn’t noticed it until I listened it (the album) like 20 times xD. Mark: 9

13- rajimaru Gt Kessaku talk with kousaka daimaou: well since im not japanese and since my knowledge of japanese is not so good I didn’t focused (YET) to this talk so I cant put any mark or other , plus its not a music piece.

14- Dosu Koi: Maybe the worst song of the album at least for me XD. It is a song to dance and do some crazy things hehe but not to listen at it and say ohhhhhhhh!!! Or AH!!!! Or (weeping tears). It has the style of Yurume no Reide and my mark for this will be: 6

PS: Sorry about my poor English either :P. and srry for the big text too but I could write much more xDD.
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