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mihimacafe rules

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Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 1:08 am Reply with quote
mihima admin
mihima admin Joined: 20 Jun 2007 Posts: 149

As with any other forum, it is important to have rules to avoid confusion, conflict and problems in the future. Please do respect these rules, since they are there to create a more harmonious and organized atmosphere within this forum.

Do read these rules before registering. It is absolutely important to participate in this forum. Members who are not active are subject to deletion after one month.

Members who violate any of the rules posted below, will be given a warning via PM for the first offense. A final warning is given before a member is subject to banning. These rules are subject to change, so I suggest checking this thread occasionally.

  • Please keep it clean; do not use offensive words and rude posts.
  • Speak proper English. Not everyone appreciates chatspeak or l33t.
  • Capital letters and sticky caps will not get you any attention, so do not use them.
  • Trolling shall not be tolerated. Whoever comes here with the intention of starting a fight will get banned without warning.
  • Bashing artists is another bannable offense. If you hate some artist do not visit their thread.

Posting Rules:
  • Spam is regarded as extremely obnoxious. Take your spam to another forum.
  • Double posting is prohibited. If you have posted within the last 12 hours, utilize the "Edit" tool to add anything you would like to include.
  • When quoting another member, quote only the part which you intend to respond to, do not flood the forum with unnecessary space.
  • Do not post huge images, unless you provide thumbnails. Maximum image width should be 500 pixels.
  • If you are planning to create a new thread use the search button since a similar topic might be available. Also do not create a topic with a couple of lines, try to show some effort.
  • Do not post a thread asking for a download file.

User Accounts:
  • Members with a zero post count are subject to deletion after 1 month of registration.
  • Multiple accounts are not permitted.
  • Avatars 100x100 are usually best, but if you want a larger avatar please keep the width not larger than 110.
  • There is no set restrictions for now on the banner size but please do not make them huge.
  • This forum encourages discussions and participation. If you are not willing to do so, please do not register. Inactive members are not welcome.

Prospective Members:
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