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What do you think of Mihimalogy?

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Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2011 9:16 pm Reply with quote
So Merry Christmas
So Merry Christmas Joined: 20 Jun 2008 Posts: 60 Location: Madrid Spain
1. Theme of Mihimalive3 - Love hiroko´s lyrics in this part and her voic sounds so cute too, anyway, its just an intro 7/10
2. Unlock - This song is pretty simple, just a guitar, miyake´s rap and hiroko doing her work. Anyway there is something that i love!! Maybe they risk a bit here but i feel they dont lose their "mihimasound" 8/10
3. 777 feat. ET-KING - Hate this ET-KING or whoever talks at the beggining xD. Hiroko is cute as always but i dont like that repetitive chorus. 5/10
4. Shiawase ni Narou - Well! what can i say about this incredible song? Both Hiroko and Miyake are perfect and the song makes me cry everytime i listen at. 10/10!
5. Sayonara wa Iwanakatta - That violin reminds me of another japanese groups, anyway i would prefer miyake was in the whole song. 6/10
6. SIGNAL - This hybrid song between neo funk and hip hop is really catchy but it doesnt match with hiroko´s style. Anyway Miyake saves the day and he is "on the mood" in the whole song! 7/10
7. S.K.U.N.K. - When i listened to this song i thought i was very glad because they can demonstrate they can swicth their own style and give us different kind of music without losing their label. Its a good ska song but it isnt in the average of the band. 6/10
8. Switch - Great electropop song, like the voice modules on hiroko and the chorus is really cool. Lot of energy and it transmits me happiness everytime i listen to it. 8/10
9. Love Letter - Nice ballad, they changed their style here but i think was a total succesful. This track for me its the inflexion point of the band. 7/10
10. Torokechau Dandy - A catchy summer track that i loved since i listened to it for the first time. That steel drum rocks!! 8/10
11. Naki Natsu with SOFFet - I dont really like SOFFet style and their voices are a bit crappy :P. Anyway good composition but i dont feel anything. 5/10
12. Michishirube - One of the best songs of this awesome band! When i want to listen something chill and even when i want to think about love :P i put michishirube! 9.5/10
13. Dosu Koi feat. Kosaka Daimaou - Really hate Daimaou 3/10

Average 6.9 Its the worst album for me. It has lots of filler tracks but 2 of the best mihimaru tracks saves the LP.
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Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 7:59 pm Reply with quote
Kibun Joujou↑↑
Kibun Joujou↑↑ Joined: 06 Jul 2007 Posts: 397
I have to say mihimalogy has the best cover EVER! I love it so much.

and for their contents, outstanding tracks would be Shiawase ni Narou, Unlock, Switch, Michishirube and Sayonara wa Iwanakatta

most the rest of em are okay. I love Suki Natsu way more than Naki Natsu so I was pretty disappointed that they don't put that song in this album.

And I was still surprised how 777 made it to the album.

@zeus, nice review dude :)

BoA Loves me!!~ 4ever!!
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